Product Overview
Your complete cloud phone system. 
Save time and Money. 
Instant set-up. Imagine that.
Mobility & Multiple 
Location Management.

Your phone system is not bound to a specific location, so can manage offices and remote workers over great distances, gaining a revolutionary level of mobility and freedom to use your smartphone or tablet anytime and anyplace.

With RingCentral Office you can enjoy an expansive range of breakthrough innovations, including Business SMS, integration, Cloud Fax and beyond. They’re easy to access, integrate, take with you on your favorite devices and make your company communications a vital and enjoyable part of your growth and success.
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Company Numbers.

You have a wide range of options for your company phone numbers. You can establish your business in choice areas with a local number or transfer valuable existing numbers. Toll-free and vanity numbers are also available and make it easy for your customers to reach you.
Unlimited conference calling anytime, from
anywhere, with your own conference bridge
Key Feature benefits:

Easy system for conference calls
A single conference bridge for easy access and use.
Each user gets their own host and participant access code so you and your team can hold conferences whenever you want.

Host unlimited audio conferences
Every user can host a conference, with up to 1000 attendees.
Main conference number is available in US. 
In-country dial-in number is available for use in over 30 countries

Conferencing works across devices
Use your IP desk phone while in office.
Use your softphone or mobile phone (iPhone or Android) while on the go.

Invite and host control features
Invite lets you send email invitations to participants with just one click.
As a host, you can mute participants, get caller count, record conferences, and much more.
Getting Started is fast & easy

RingCentral cloud phone systems deliver excellent call quality and reliability. An implementation team is there to ensure a smooth transition for you to set up and manage your new phone system.

All it takes to get started is an Internet connection and a phone. Set up is quick—taking only minutes, instead of the weeks old hardware systems would require, with complex and costly hardware to install, maintain and upgrade.

Gain instant access to your core functions and features from the central navigation on your computer’s browser. If you order a desk phone, it will arrive in a few days Plug and Ring Ready®—it’s all set up, just plug it into your Internet router. Or simply download a free app to use your smartphone or tablet. You can also make calls with the RingCentral Softphone on your computer.
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Basic Configuration.

Next you add your users, creating profiles with a variety of management options, including assigning extensions, direct dial numbers and more.

You can also create departments, such as sales, billing and support—each with their own greetings and call routing settings.

Your Auto-Receptionist is designed to smoothly handle answering rules—hours of operation, greetings, call recording and more. If you have a front desk receptionist you can empower them, admins, and department managers to have access to company settings as well. Users can set their own call handling too, so they don’t have to pester you when they’re out in the field or going on vacation.

Changes can be made quickly by you and your team and doesn’t require an expensive technician. Managing your system can be as simple as configuring email accounts or setting a playlist of your favorite music.
Quick facts
Activate your service online and plug in
your ready-to-use IP phones. That’s it!

Setup, manage and access your system
from your smartphone or tablet,
wherever you are.

Power your phone and fax service with
a robust, cloud-based PBX.

Get advanced voice, Business SMS
and fax features, reliable phone service,
and business-class IP phones in a
single solution.

Expect one flat, predictable
monthly cost. No setup costs,
no contracts required, no surprises.

Make and receive unlimited calls,
texts and faxes (US and Canada)1

FREE 24/7 
customer service
and support!
Included features
Unlimited calling and faxing (US and Canada)1
BONUS 1000 toll-free minutes per month
Business phone system
• Auto-receptionist
• Dial-by-name directory
• Employee and department extensions
• Music and messages on hold
• Voicemail with email notification
• Visual voicemail

Business SMS

Call and fax management
• Answering rules
• Departments (call queues)
• Call forwarding
• Caller ID
• Extension dialing
• Call screening
• Call recording (automatic2 and on-demand)
• Call transfer
• Call logs
• Call blocking
• Return calls with *69
• Presence across multiple devices


Internet fax
• Send and receive without a fax machine
• Faxes arrive as email attachments
• Sign and edit faxes electronically
• Send faxes using a fax machine
  with an analog adapter

Reliable phone service
• VoIP phone service
• International calling
• Smart numbers for voice and fax
• Toll-free, local, or vanity numbers
• RingMe click-to-call me
• RingOut click-to-call out
• Virtual calling card

• Softphone for Mac and PC

• Salesforce2
• Box
• RingCentral CloudFax™
• Microsoft® Windows® applications and
  Outlook® contacts

RingCentral mobile apps
• iPhone with VoIP
• Android with VoIP
• BlackBerry

• Polycom® IP phones
  (321, 335, 550, 650, VVX 500)
   and Polycom conference phone 6000
• Cisco® (SPA 303, SPA 508G, SPA 525G2)
• Cisco SPA-122 (analog telephone adapter)
Key Feature benefits:

Easy system for conference calls
Host unlimited audio conferences.
Conferencing works across devices
Invite and host control features
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